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At The Tower Of Midnight is a Lovecraftian style story where a man rises to become the priest of an ancient god. In doing so he sacrifices his significant wealth to build a twisted tower with geometries that bend the mind and shape the will. As the weaker minded inhabitants of the surrounding area are drawn in the moon god’s will is unleashed.

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Buzz – Richard Klu– Do insects have souls?How many lives can you take before the hive fights back?


gulia new book cover1.pngGulia– The Test of Adulthood is a fantasy short about the test which all Gulian’s must pass to achieve adulthood and be admitted into the Gulian military. After years of service, a Gulian becomes a citizen and gains the right to vote and take part in decisions that affect the whole of their Kingdom. In this short story, two main characters of the ongoing story are developed and their motivations are explored. As they plunge into the icy waters of their world and struggle to prove themselves to their people. Is it right to allow the weak to fail and drowned or is it just natural selection? In this fictional world, every Kingdom is on its own island and the survival of each group of people is highly dependent on trade between nations.

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Deathly Muse is a work of cosmic horror about a muse giving a writer the inspiration for his masterpiece in exchange or the writer’s personal sacrifices. As the writer’s work develops into the masterpiece of his dreams the being, once his savior, becomes a blight hungering for blood.