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At The Tower of Midnight is a Lovecraftian style story where a man rises to become the priest of an ancient god. In doing so he sacrifices his significant wealth to build a twisted tower with geometries that bend the mind and shape the will. As the weaker minded inhabitants of the surrounding area are drawn in the moon god’s will is unleashed.

Deathly Muse– Deathly Muse is a work of cosmic horror about a Muse giving a writer the inspiration for his masterpiece in exchange for the writer’s personal sacrifices. As the writer’s final book nears it’s finally, the Muse asks for than the writer bargained for.

Buzz– Do insects have souls? How many can someone kill before the hive fights back?


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  1. Deathly Muse was like something out of a Stephen King Short. But I think it may have benefited from being longer. Gulia felt like the first chapter of a book or the first part of a longer series of events. I haven’t read At The Tower of Midnight yet.

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  2. Hi, Richard. Thanks so much for following The Write Edge. I hope you find the information there interesting and informative. Don’t hesitate to let me know if I can do anything for you in the future (I’m a big believer, too, on giving back to the writing community!)

    Have a great day!

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