Get an Advanced Copy (ARC)

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Thank you for coming to this page. Below is a sign up form for advanced copies of my books. If you sign up you will be given the opportunity to read my books for free and get a free copy emailed to you weeks before launch and have a Kindle copy sent to you on launch. The general agreement with this is that readers leave an honest review of the work soon after the book is launched on Kindle. There are some benefits below for doing so. (I will not market to you or sell your email address)

As a reader:

You get a free book and my deepest appreciation for being a reader.

As a Blogger:

You get a free book, my appreciation, and I will give you a shout out on all my social media and retweet / share your Facebook content to help you gain more of a following. If you write an article about the book or myself I will retweet (to my over 10,000 followers) share on Facebook, and reblog your articles to help you get more hits/audience.

What’s the process? Fill out the form below > we exchange emails > I send you a copy of the book > after the launch of the book you leave a review > I share your Facebook/twitter/blog as much as I can.

During this process I will happily take any feed back or comments. I love hearing what people thing of my writing. Feedback is how we grow.